29 December 2006

Post #3: We are not amused

at 8am SLT yesterday, we met beez Linden and had a lovely effusive chat with her while the grid came back to life, talking about a million things, including how fast the grid seemed to be running after the asset server maintenance.

At 7am SLT today, we're taking back some things we said about the asset server that were very far from impolite, and We Are Not Very Amused.

The grid has been down for 8 hours as we write this, and this is 8 hours' worth of plans, schemes and Coonspiracies(sic) down the drain.

If Real Life was like this I'd be sitting in a camping seat from Ravenous Dingo, shooting myself in the head with a revolver from Robbie Dingo and leaving the angels to sing an Asset Server Lullaby about the 400th time this happened. Or earlier, if I lost something priceless and irreplaceable. (Props to any country fans who get this reference)

Fortunately, most of us Patchoulis are much more well grounded. If you wanted us the past 8 hours, our RL self was rampaging through the bookshops of Perth devouring every possible book, and buying a few more. We had a good meal @ a popular local vegetarian restaurant, had a good dose of Ginseng coffee (ginseng + caffeine), and rented a bunch of Bubblegum Crisis spinoffs. (A.D. Police, Parasite Dolls)

If nothing else, at what is essentially the last of midnights in 2006, I say I'm sitting pretty in the catbird seat. What about you?

I'd be interested to hear comments. Drop me a line at the end of this post - what do you do when Linden Labs is forced to pull Agni out from under you.

Yours sincerely,

Patchouli (the sensible one)


AldoManutio Abruzzo said...

Spinning my wheels, getting the audio studio ready for a final live performance of 2006..."Xma Kaba Kin (The Days Without Name)" will, Lindens willing, a single piece performed live on solo guitar and effects processors with a runnning time of approximately an hour...

This should happen at 14:00 hours GMT on Saturday, 30 December 2006 at the Amphitheater on the Island of Hetaira...assuming the hardware vendor godds and goddesses are smiling...if not, well...the stream will just have to be heard elseways at ...

As for the rest of the day, there is plenty in RL to amuse...fixing things unmended around the loft (clothes bar in the wash room, some boxes of books that need sorting, buying some groceries at the market)...yeah not as witty or sexy, but it isn't always, is it?

Bob said...

Having worked in the "business" for many years, I understand how frustrating this is on all sides.

Screaming, biatching, and moaning isn't going to accomplish anything for anyone. Hardware and software do fail, and this isn't some mission critical application where people are actually going to DIE because the system is down.

Those of us with accounts we actually PAY for have a Real Life we attend to, and this is just an opportunity to catch up a little there. Those of you that have free accounts that want to biatch and moan? Just STFU - you have absolutely no right to complain. Not. One. Freaking. Word.

Anonymous said...

I'm sad.... As a very active member/resident of SL, I'm sad. I was online when grid went down, yes, I waited for a while then sadly went to bed. Upon waking this morning I tried to access my SL and again, grid is down. Reading Linden Blog didn't help me to feel any better. I am worried that is permanant and I will be left without my sl, which incidently, is more colorful and more fun then my first life..... I will stand by in the hopes of hearing some good news soon..... Oh, In the meantime, I will do laundry, dishes, vacuuming, dusting, stacking wood for the fire, and whatever else crops up in my 1st life....

Patchouli Woollahra said...


Well, the outage IS ruining efforts by people to get into the system. Froob, Noob or otherwise, it's still annoying and worth complaining about.

But having said that.. yeah, it kinda is somewhat excusable. There's a reason why HD manufacturers seem to have such small numbers in place for harddrive MTBFs. We have drives that go on over a decade serving up data as usual, and we have setups like these where you'd think redundancy would be possible... and it turns out otherwise... :(

Sweet! I shall have to make a note to listen to the stream as the new year comes in... But you'd be better served quoting SLT times as well: SL Residents tend to count times in terms of SLT rather than GMT.

AldoManutio Abruzzo said...


/me smiles broadly at your comment about using SL time, instead of GMT, for his concert time...

Fact is, that was deliberate...as an enlightened American residing on the (very)east coast of the US, with more than a few fans in the UK and Europe, I am deliberately trying to present something more Euro-friendly...and there are a lot of SL noobs, but old-time ambient music lovers who would have been thrown by the SLT reference...but your point is well-taken and in announcements inworld I am VERY careful to include an SLT reference...;)...shoot, some of my best friends live in Perth! lol...

Patchouli Woollahra said...

@ aldo:

Thanks... the fact is that we all need a common clock to work to in order to avoid stuff like missing events or being unable to determine exactly when something should happen.

What could be more common than the SL T clock displayed on all client menubars? GMT? SL doesn't do GMT unfortunately, so we need to rally around what we CAN get at a glimpse. :(

Maybe in the future... Linden Labs has indicated they may go for UTC in a later update.

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