27 June 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Man, I haven't posted in here in a long time... why?

I've been busy busy busy...

  • I've been taking due care on my studies. This is my final semester at Edith Cowan University. I need to find a job after this month is through, basically. If you know of someone in Australia who needs a web developer and can cope with extensive use of telecommuting tools (outside of Perth - I can do physical presence in Perth), drop me a comment inworld by notecard - I'm all ears.
  • I got back to working on Second Life's 4th Anniversary. If you see the SL01 Telehub/Tram Station complex in SL01 Region, or the New World Notes installation at SL01 PG, both of them were my work. I make no apologies for the lack of style or primming/textures on both of these builds - I didn't think showing my neighbours up was a good idea at all...
  • Building a new outpost in Blumfield. Basically, the shop I run in Tamarack has become untenable in terms of accessibility, thanks to a camper arcade It will eventually go. So I'm detiering. In the meantime, you can still reach me inworld by the usual means and methods - drop an IM or notecard, or visit me at The Living Room at Fishermans' Cove.
  • Thinking very hard about my future, and the future of newcomer education in Second Life. Second Life remains esoteric to the average Internet user, and most Residents require a hand to understand it. Linden Labs has thrown open the provision of such orientations to select SL Resident Organisations that have a plan that doesn't involve mature content or crass commercialism. I for one welcome our new Orientations, and have started working on a few of them an hour or two at a time. This should be interesting.

01 June 2007

Lame firewall or pure intolerance?

For the first time today, my School's firewall actually blocked my ability to surf the Second Life Blog, due to "Nazi Propaganda". I was very busy at the time, but it was pretty shocking to be told that, even though I knew the Bayesian filters on it sucked royally.

When I got home late, this is what greeted me:


Daniel Linden, I'd never thought I'd be able to say this of a Linden, but seriously... dood? how good can it be if even my school's firewall thinks your blog post reeks of the purest form of intolerance known to mankind?

HiPiHi latest test footage


Watch this if you love the following:

  • vintage 2003 Second Life UI
  • Chinese labels on everything.
  • beta work that made the Primatar age of art as done by early Lindens in primatar outfits look like the damned Louvre.
  • Sluggish helicopters
  • Two different ways to draw a progress gauge screen, none of which are easy on the eyes.
  • World Map drawn by some alternate world version of Torley Linden (who in this alternate world loves bananas).
  • reduced quality and quantity of avatar UV maps, Appearance tweaks
  • parachuting out of a helicopter in a stance associated with Vogue dancing, not parachuting

Everyone else keep clear. This really begs the question: why even bother? Wouldn't it be easier to just translate the SL UI to Chinese and use it instead?

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