27 June 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Man, I haven't posted in here in a long time... why?

I've been busy busy busy...

  • I've been taking due care on my studies. This is my final semester at Edith Cowan University. I need to find a job after this month is through, basically. If you know of someone in Australia who needs a web developer and can cope with extensive use of telecommuting tools (outside of Perth - I can do physical presence in Perth), drop me a comment inworld by notecard - I'm all ears.
  • I got back to working on Second Life's 4th Anniversary. If you see the SL01 Telehub/Tram Station complex in SL01 Region, or the New World Notes installation at SL01 PG, both of them were my work. I make no apologies for the lack of style or primming/textures on both of these builds - I didn't think showing my neighbours up was a good idea at all...
  • Building a new outpost in Blumfield. Basically, the shop I run in Tamarack has become untenable in terms of accessibility, thanks to a camper arcade It will eventually go. So I'm detiering. In the meantime, you can still reach me inworld by the usual means and methods - drop an IM or notecard, or visit me at The Living Room at Fishermans' Cove.
  • Thinking very hard about my future, and the future of newcomer education in Second Life. Second Life remains esoteric to the average Internet user, and most Residents require a hand to understand it. Linden Labs has thrown open the provision of such orientations to select SL Resident Organisations that have a plan that doesn't involve mature content or crass commercialism. I for one welcome our new Orientations, and have started working on a few of them an hour or two at a time. This should be interesting.

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