17 December 2008

7 Things

I see epredator Potato's tagged me on one of those crazy SL blogger memes about revealing seven mysteeerious facts.

I'm frankly not the least bit interested in this sort of thing, but I suppose I should get it out of the way.

  1. I'm not a troll, but I play one on Forumwarz. It's getting a bit stale, but as simple browser and AJAX-based gaming goes, I would put it right up there, barring the propensity for pretty disgusting ideas. (at some points, the game has hints of ageplay, nuclear terrorism and shooting R. Kelly in the nuts. and the walnuts. And extremely fattening recipes involving copious amounts of duck fat.)
  2. I'm mildly autistic. I've had a couple of head injuries in my childhood years, and it's probably only good fortune that I'm not totally retarded... although I have a habit of being able to devote my attention in only two ways: not at all, or sharply spiked.
  3. I have a weakness for lemon lime and bitters IRL. It's a bit of an old biddie's drink, not really something a late 20s folk should be enjoying, but there you go.
  4. I first used a pirated Photoshop 4 waay back in 1995 to get images for a fast-foodie website done up during Web 0.9's heady days. Ten years later, I flitted back from GIMP and splurged on a legitimate copy as part of Creative Suite 1. I've never really looked back. much.
  5. I'm not a fan of SL's default avatar face mesh. It's always the same to me no matter how badly I contort it, and i wind up doing all sorts of things to avoid having to look back at it when I'm inworld. I've been furry, I've been anime-ish, I've even bought licensing to reuse Ichigo Mayo's Unreal prim head. anything to stave off my phobia. You will never see me looking like a regular SL barbie. ever and ever.
  6. I'm diabetic. I take my metaformins and my glucomets everyday, and I watch my diet six days a week, but have a weakness for lapsing into delicious meat and veg on Fridays. In SL, I eat so much prim food that would induce a coma IRL, I'm often found poking my way around SL's catering and restaurants. (this is despite the fact that food in SL is purely psychological)
  7. I have a weakness for good music regardless of origin, genre and taste. At one point, I had Rammenstein, pre-war Shanghai jazz chartreuses and David Bowie on the same MP3 player. and it was a 64mb flash player - none of this 4Gb/8Gb bullshit we folks seem to have these days.
Not tagging anyone else for this. This is an old chestnut, and it's been rolling for a year, and I don't know anyone who HASN'T done this.


23 October 2008

Interesting bug issue

http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/MISC-1728 notes an unusual occurrence in SL:

Ever since the release of 1.21 many prims in SL now are round and orange with faces on them. They were not there before. Many places I know well now have some prims like this. Seems like maybe one in ten prims in SL are now suffering from this bug.

I am furious that Linden Labs can release a viewer with such an obvious rendering bug.

.... I LOLed. xD

22 July 2008

Flower Tower Power - Eshi Otawara Does It Again...

Yet another one hour build by Eshi Otawara... blossom themed... and IT IS AWESOME.

it is 512m of flowers, flowers flowers meditation and flowers.... and the kudos have been pouring in at a rate not normally seen in SL these days. We may be looking at SL's newest celebrity artist as I type this, and pardon me for messing up my punctuation and speling now, I'm all choked up at the awesome.
SLURL to build (link expired)

10 April 2008

Spotted while running Artrage

As a avid artist and painter, I find ArtRage2 to be a awesome digital analogue to fresh oil arcylics and canvas (partily due to my inability to cope with the itching that comes from working with the real stuff.

This just popped up in my app today while I was firing it up for design work:

Shades of Pre-CS Photoshop... =^.^=

03 April 2008

Kewlage: Second Life's New Automated System Requirements Test!

As a Second Life Volunteer for almost two years, I've come across my fair share of technological cluelessness. For many people, a computer is something that you plonk out of a box, plug in and push your needs around with. If the PC has a 'Dual Hamster Wheels' CPU and two blackboards manned by tiny radioactive weevils, who cares as long as it works?

For many applications these days, provided you spend a not-unreasonable amount (and it is not a very big amount either), that is exactly what you get: a box that will service your spreadsheets and help you keep track of your media collection (legitimate or otherwise), and run most ordinary applications.

Unfortunately, some applications are a bit more fincky. Second Life is one of them.

Despite using a relatively modest generic graphics engine (even with recent upgrades considered), standard full-service Second Life viewers demand a higher level of grunt from the PCs they run on. It's a world where the only things that are 2D in nature remain so because abstracting them to a 3D metaphor is inefficient or sheer stupidity - script editing or menus, for instance.

It's a world where your view changes with alarming regularity and broadness in a way that is rarely seen in your garden-variety MMO. That places serious demands on your Internet connection in a way that recommends against most connections below a certain level of speed, latency and potential for forced retransmissions, especially if you teleport regularly through the world.

There have been times when I have met residents in world who are experiencing issues that are more often than not the product of running Second Life on a rig that either fails to meet minimum requirements or just barely glides over the limit.

When faced with a lack of hardware hindering the ability to use Second Life, the best thing that a Resident can have is another person who is at least conversant with reading system requirements and/or arranging for the necessary upgrades to get their PC up to speed. That is not always a possibility. Sometimes, that leads to wasted money as someone buys a new PC to enter Second Life, only to be told either by a passing Resident or (worse) actual bizzare visual or connectivity issues that whatever they bought isn't going to cut it.

For the less technically inclined who run Windows PCs and lack such close-range technical support, Linden Lab recently introduced a browser-based test that allows users to check that their PC can run Second Life properly @
http://secondlife.com/support/systest.php which is provided by a company called System Requirements Lab (Apparently a company with more technical bones than imagination...) .

Currently, Linux and MacOSX users are SOL, still stuck with the old 'look up yon system config and system requirements' schtick that has existed ever since someone decided how nice it would be to start diversifying what you could put into a computer all those years ago, but in theory there's no technical reason why the same tools could not grab the same details from such computers as well, so here's hoping that's exactly what happens.

Setting that slight niggle aside, I don't have to tell you just how much this eases entry into Second Life for potential newcomers on Windows-powered PCs.

What the test does in absolute terms is check your Windows PC for certain hardware details, such as CPU speeds , memory availability and video cards, and compare them against what Linden Lab believes to be minimum and recommended requirements for accessing Second Life.

(Disclosure: pitting my standard RL working laptop, a earlier model Inspiron 5150, against this test put me almost halfway to having a recommended rig for Second Life. As noted on so many technical forums and blogs dedicated to laptops, the GeForce FX5200 2 Go is a dog, and this alone blew away my ability to meet recommended system requirements. But I'm still happy. And no, this is not a reason for me to be so 'shiny' about this new test.)

What the test does, in plain English, is tell you as well as it can whether Second Life will run properly, well, or at all on your rig.

Like many browsers and other forms of media viewer, however, even a system that meets recommended system requirements for Second Life access may not necessarily be a panacea for all issues.

For one thing, Second Life's biggest cause of lag beyond what you can control, is pretty much the entire world: Grid glitches (as regularly experienced), poor internet connectivity, abusive script use in a sim, the presence of large numbers of people, even poor in-world design decisions (spraying a truckload of 1k x 1k textures on everything you own is being a poor neighbour and a major cause of lag, people!). And with Linden Lab continually developing and improving the grid and the way it operates, system requirements will inevitably change. Your world beater of today will eventually start gagging on Second Life several years later, I can practically guarantee that.

In the end, maybe all that anyone really needs (aside from a computer that meets or barely exceeds the minimum sysreqs) is an open mind and a sense of personal rightness to have fun in Second Life. Just ask the thousands of people who dance in nightclubs every night to framerates that nobody in their right mind would accept in supposedly more 'visceral' things like first-person shooters...

24 March 2008

11 March 2008

Kotomori on Koinup!

A Ghostly Encounter (Hosted On Koinup!)
Another day, another Koinup from Second Life. This time it's just Kotomori, the little girl who wandered into the Millions Of Patches cubbyhole one day and never really left... or is it only her? o_O;

20 February 2008

A Moment Of Peace - My first KoinUp entry!

"All in all, she thought, it certainly beat doing the dishes and poledancing back home..."

My first KoinUp entry, and my first attempt at a post-photographic image in Second Life with a heavier hand!

Now a Second Life Exotic contestant!

19 February 2008

The dangers of massive Pocky ingestion

Shortly after this picture was taken, Patchey Woolley and Gessepi Gillespie were evacuated from the Pocky sim to the nearest hospital for treatment of Hyperglycaemia. (note the giddiness already in Gessepi's eyes at the time this picture was taken.)

Teleport to Pocky Sim (via SLURL)

10 January 2008


From the hand of the Cuddlefish-luvin' Jacek Antonelli :

Ia! Ia! I wuv Chibi! xD

05 January 2008

Most Poignant Post ever

Not even a week into 2008, and this post got put up posthumously...

Major Andy Olmstead's very last blogpost

Wow, just... wow.

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