30 April 2009

Open Letter - Piss Off, Adwords.

So apparently blogger Tateru Nino makes a serious effort to revamp her website to improve its readability and entertainment value...

And then scores a scoop with revelations that "Fallout" may possibly become a television or movie property in the future.

This scoop gets picked up on by a lot of people in the know, and cited. very. very. much. which in turn leads to a lot of people picking up and discovering Dwell On It's blend of awesome and funneh.

In the process, a lot of people are viewing Google AdWords and clicking through partly as thanks and partly because Google is supposed to be serving very relevant ads.

So what does Google AdWords do? They cut her off, citing a lame reason like "You pose a risk to our advertisers". Simply because the place abruptly explodes from one moment of good reporting.

Google seems to be misdefining "risk". She provides content that everyone wants a load of for the first time in ages, and that should be rewarded, right? right?

I'm closing ranks with Tat on this - you won't ever see AdWords on this blog ever again as long as it's not in the same sentence with at least two obscenities, a sledgehammer-wielding dwarven horde, a industrial concrete vibrator used like the usual sort of vibrator, and the Prince Of Eternal Darkness.

Oh, and "manure lagoon".

Nino probably would choose less hurtful words, but I'm a passionate person, and the one thing I cannot accept is unjustified shafting based on resounding success.

Thank you for listening to what little blogging I've managed in recent weeks. This has shaken me up enough as well to consider my own little revamp ":D

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