29 January 2007

Post #16 - Happy Birthday Rusty Opel!

28 Jan 2007 saw the birthday of Simkast Radio DJ Rusty Opel.
We here at Woolly Wildcat Writings would like to wish Rusty Opel a happy birthday and more good years to the folks over at Simkast Cove - a SL outpost of the TSO/CoV/CoH/WoW Internet Radio station Simkast Radio!

22 January 2007

Post #15 - PARTY

Frontier Linden hosted a party to honor and thank the Volunteers of SL at Portage this Sunday. I was fortunate enough to snag an invite, so I brought my camera and got on my favorite leather dress...

The Author as a Leather-draped Party Fennec. Pizza was great. Where's the camera? Hey, great cleavage has its advantages... ;P

The party got underway around 12PM SLT after a brief moment of technical setup by DJ Ron Overdrive. Despite some teething problems, the music was soon on in high-quality Ogg Vorbis

Ron Overdrive DJing, dancing and jiving with Amber Linden at the party

Sponsor of the party, Frontier Linden, twirling some glowy Poi around to the beat of Tetris. Yes, Tetris.

A fun time was had by all!

Patchoulli PartyFenneq

13 January 2007

Post #14 - Forks In The Code

As so many of you have heard, the Second Life client source code has been thrown open to open sourcing. Now most of you who've used Open Source software know that one of the common habits of OS developers is to take the same code and tweak it in a million different ways to produce a million different 'forks'.

If you had l33t coding skills and could code and compile the source differently, what would you put in the client for yourself? None of those lame "less lag" things - everyone wishes for it already. I want off the bat answers, and I want them... erm... now? XD

Answers in the comments please!

Post #13 - Called on account of insanity

(We were going to run a post here by Mad Shopper Patchouli, but it appears that she's gone crazy with the post-Xmas sales in Agni. Attached find proof of her incarceration...)

(What a mess - Ed.)

10 January 2007

Post #11 - Viewer update called on account of bugs

And for those people who claim Linden Labs doesn't do enough testing:

the 1.13.2 viewer update has been scrubbed today in favor of server patches only. Apparently, the new viewer creates bigger problems with region crossings and attachments than the problems it seeks to solve... Considering how important it is for many people to cross regions, or wear attachments, or cross regions while attachments, this move is to be applauded.

The update will still take five hours. These are five hours you've never had to schedule anything SL related in unless they said there was no update, so it's no big loss. I'd like to know what you're doing while waiting for this stuff to happen, and will be in the SLUniverse Chatrooms as always!

08 January 2007

Patches of Insanity #2 - Not particularly useful in a Shai'Hulud...

Patches of Insanity #2 - Not Particularly Useful In A Shai'Hulud...

Because there has been so much fear going on in Agni of Late, our friend Dune Fanatic will recite the Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear as a prayer for all SL Residents in these troubled times...

Not particularly useful in a shai'hulud, now...

\Paging Patchouli Coalition Rescue Crew number 2... Again.

03 January 2007

Post #9 - For Real: Choose Second Life.

Choose Second Life. Choose a firstname. Choose a lastname. Choose a payment plan, a client download and a random help island jump point. Choose a home landmark. Choose your friends. Choose an avatar and matching clothes. Choose a First Land plot surrounded by fellow newbies erecting a wide range of wierd builds and annoying spinning signs. Choose sitting on that camping pad zombifying away for a pittance in Lindens, while you AFK to do your RL laundry. Choose learning something eventually, making something of yourself, becoming an inspiration to future newbies you referred to Agni and who came of their own accord.

Choose your future.

Choose Second Life.

02 January 2007

Post #9: I'm In Ur Technorati, claiming your blog!

This is a temporary post. Post #9 will most likely be something else in the near future...

Technorati Profile

Having said that... props to Tateru for reminding me that people actually set up websites to do nothing but aggregate a million other blogs!

Post #8: Less of that, more of this!

In honor of Tateru's post begging for less penis in Second Life:


I'd like to give you some ideas for gooing up Second Life that are more creative:

  1. Self-replicating teddy bears
  2. Self-replicating Abuse Reports
  3. Self-replicating hypercubes
  4. Self-replicating Yellow Lanterns
  5. Self-replicating fruit that goes "Mmm, delicious." - bonus points for watermelons. or pears
  6. Buying four chibibotfoxes, sitting them down with pen and paper, then asking them to ghostwrite a New World Notes column.
  7. Actually using your main account for once and be counted
  8. Buying your own private island and spending lots of your own time crashing the grid repeatedly.
(I was bored by the Texas Outage. can't you tell?)

Patchouli (the griefer one)

01 January 2007

Post #7: 1 Jan 2007

Listening to: Simkast Radio
Watching: the fish bite @ Simkast Cove
Waiting for: DJ Baptist's last show as a Simkast DJ
Just bought: one Russian Christmas Gift as a thankyou to Dale Glass for inventing Trustnet
Just sold: one low prim 512sqm house for L$1000
Just thinking: of very little.
Just writing: nothing of importance in here...

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