17 December 2008

7 Things

I see epredator Potato's tagged me on one of those crazy SL blogger memes about revealing seven mysteeerious facts.

I'm frankly not the least bit interested in this sort of thing, but I suppose I should get it out of the way.

  1. I'm not a troll, but I play one on Forumwarz. It's getting a bit stale, but as simple browser and AJAX-based gaming goes, I would put it right up there, barring the propensity for pretty disgusting ideas. (at some points, the game has hints of ageplay, nuclear terrorism and shooting R. Kelly in the nuts. and the walnuts. And extremely fattening recipes involving copious amounts of duck fat.)
  2. I'm mildly autistic. I've had a couple of head injuries in my childhood years, and it's probably only good fortune that I'm not totally retarded... although I have a habit of being able to devote my attention in only two ways: not at all, or sharply spiked.
  3. I have a weakness for lemon lime and bitters IRL. It's a bit of an old biddie's drink, not really something a late 20s folk should be enjoying, but there you go.
  4. I first used a pirated Photoshop 4 waay back in 1995 to get images for a fast-foodie website done up during Web 0.9's heady days. Ten years later, I flitted back from GIMP and splurged on a legitimate copy as part of Creative Suite 1. I've never really looked back. much.
  5. I'm not a fan of SL's default avatar face mesh. It's always the same to me no matter how badly I contort it, and i wind up doing all sorts of things to avoid having to look back at it when I'm inworld. I've been furry, I've been anime-ish, I've even bought licensing to reuse Ichigo Mayo's Unreal prim head. anything to stave off my phobia. You will never see me looking like a regular SL barbie. ever and ever.
  6. I'm diabetic. I take my metaformins and my glucomets everyday, and I watch my diet six days a week, but have a weakness for lapsing into delicious meat and veg on Fridays. In SL, I eat so much prim food that would induce a coma IRL, I'm often found poking my way around SL's catering and restaurants. (this is despite the fact that food in SL is purely psychological)
  7. I have a weakness for good music regardless of origin, genre and taste. At one point, I had Rammenstein, pre-war Shanghai jazz chartreuses and David Bowie on the same MP3 player. and it was a 64mb flash player - none of this 4Gb/8Gb bullshit we folks seem to have these days.
Not tagging anyone else for this. This is an old chestnut, and it's been rolling for a year, and I don't know anyone who HASN'T done this.


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