03 January 2007

Post #9 - For Real: Choose Second Life.

Choose Second Life. Choose a firstname. Choose a lastname. Choose a payment plan, a client download and a random help island jump point. Choose a home landmark. Choose your friends. Choose an avatar and matching clothes. Choose a First Land plot surrounded by fellow newbies erecting a wide range of wierd builds and annoying spinning signs. Choose sitting on that camping pad zombifying away for a pittance in Lindens, while you AFK to do your RL laundry. Choose learning something eventually, making something of yourself, becoming an inspiration to future newbies you referred to Agni and who came of their own accord.

Choose your future.

Choose Second Life.

1 comment:

Torley said...

HAHHAAA omg I gotta say I like this! Thanx for sharing it with me... and us.

I enjoy SL wordplay wholeheartedly; another of my faves is combining Lifehacker (as in, the popular productivity site) and Second Life for "Second Lifehacker".

You already have made some observations I'm keening into — I like the bitone eyes too.

Now, all we gotta have is SL's equivalent of that baby crawling on the ceiling.

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