02 January 2007

Post #8: Less of that, more of this!

In honor of Tateru's post begging for less penis in Second Life:


I'd like to give you some ideas for gooing up Second Life that are more creative:

  1. Self-replicating teddy bears
  2. Self-replicating Abuse Reports
  3. Self-replicating hypercubes
  4. Self-replicating Yellow Lanterns
  5. Self-replicating fruit that goes "Mmm, delicious." - bonus points for watermelons. or pears
  6. Buying four chibibotfoxes, sitting them down with pen and paper, then asking them to ghostwrite a New World Notes column.
  7. Actually using your main account for once and be counted
  8. Buying your own private island and spending lots of your own time crashing the grid repeatedly.
(I was bored by the Texas Outage. can't you tell?)

Patchouli (the griefer one)


Eoin Widget said...
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Eoin Widget said...

Hehe, I'm nerding out by bringing this up but Conway's Game of Life would be another interesting variant. Eather that or some other Cellular automaton. :P

If I remember correctly, I think that Philip Linden talk about creating a sim and having a simulation like this but more complex.

Although in all seriousness, if someone does do this please do it on your own private sim where it can be controlled.

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