01 June 2007

HiPiHi latest test footage


Watch this if you love the following:

  • vintage 2003 Second Life UI
  • Chinese labels on everything.
  • beta work that made the Primatar age of art as done by early Lindens in primatar outfits look like the damned Louvre.
  • Sluggish helicopters
  • Two different ways to draw a progress gauge screen, none of which are easy on the eyes.
  • World Map drawn by some alternate world version of Torley Linden (who in this alternate world loves bananas).
  • reduced quality and quantity of avatar UV maps, Appearance tweaks
  • parachuting out of a helicopter in a stance associated with Vogue dancing, not parachuting

Everyone else keep clear. This really begs the question: why even bother? Wouldn't it be easier to just translate the SL UI to Chinese and use it instead?

(petitions to add QQcoin-L$ support to SL)

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