28 December 2006

Post #1: Waiting on Outside

Well, this is it: my first attempt at making a fool of myself in the part of the web that isn't on Agni. XD

As I write this, the grid has gone on a Linden-only login list while they patch up the asset servers. It's only an hour's worth of waiting, but even an hour can become almost too long for a lot of people.

I guess I should introduce myself. To save you the frustration of corny lines, I won't begin with the following lines:

  • Call me Patchouli
  • It was a dark and cool night
  • My momma always told me there'd be days like this.
What I'll begin with is this:

Who I am in the so called real life isn't really important. This is a blog written by someone who is usually a wildcat, but prone to bouts of significant, but often transient changes.

Her favorite colors are the lighter shades of blue and the fresher shades of green, and her favorite part of the Metaverse is Second Life.

She likes watermelons, but prefers a good tangerine and blueberry salad given an open choice about dessert for dinner.

She is a furry of a decidedly unyiffy disposition, but prone to bursting into song and dance like a thousand other Luskwood furries on the Luskwood platforms, amongst the Luskwood trees. Usually a kitty, she can become a million other people, all with something blue on them. If MillionsOfUs wasn't taken, she would have pounced on it.

She is a avid fisherkitty, prowling the jetties of Simkast Cove and the Samurai Islands on a regular basis, the local station blaring in her oversized ears as she catches bigger and bigger fish. Today, a Midgar Serpent. Tomorrow... who knows? Maybe a Red Gyarados?

She is an undergrad at a SL university. She does not have the scripting skills of Timeless Prototype, the artistic perfection of Starax Statosky, or the creative flair of a million, better creators in the grid, but she tries and is willing to learn if someone deigns to spend some time and let go of some secrets... She hopes one day to snag a part-time teaching position.

She is a business incubator, spending a little monthly simply to give new merchants room to try their hand at merchandising without risking too much. She thinks not everyone is cut out to be a merchant, and that it seems harsh to ask them to risk anything significant when starting out...

She is a spoilt foxy little brat, whose only claim to power is a sheer brutal shove of personality strong enough to create its own space in People Search and bound into the Tatcave at the third worst possible time (Do a search for Patchey Woolley ^^;) ...

She used to be a military woman, but those days are mostly behind her, even though she still keeps her old pager charged and maintained for some call that might never come from her ex-CO... right next to her personal uniforms and her rifle (she calls it her 'boyfriend')...

She is a crazed weekend Paladin, whomping mosquitoes in training for bigger and deadlier foes... like critics.

She is a occasional helper, willing to offer help to people who have drained the help files and the wikis of the world drier than a desert, but has no love for griefers, and no like for people who refuse to participate properly and build up a profile of a Second Life well lived...

She is one person. She is a dozen. She is NOT Echo Omega, just so you know.

What is she really? Who knows?

Watch this space.

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