29 December 2006

Post #2:GridMonkeys Run Amok again - Asset Server misbehaves again!

(Image cribbed from the Official Second Life Homepage - "The Grid Is Down While We Bang on Things" - accessible only during downtimes. Copyright of this image rests with Linden Labs and its use on this blog is a form of tribute, not an attempt to infringe on said copyrights. Those responsible for providing the hardware causing the problems have been interrogated in GridMonkey OOK and subsequently bashed in the head with a really big bone.)

Oh noes, here we go again... from 7am to 8am today, the Agni grid was brought down for a moment of solitude in which Lindens could work on the asset server without the millions of transactions that happen every waking moment on the grid. Once brought up, things certainly seemed hunky dory for the most part.
Less than 24 hours later, the asset server falls over again.
Symptoms occuring prior to the crash included a strange reluctance by the asset server to take in perfectly compiled LSL, refusal to open LSL scripts previously saved, and a odd tendency (as reported by TUi Neophytes Lecturer Compulov Weeks and several NCi members) of things refusing 'take copy' requests or taking a looong time to get them across.
Add to that the currently occurring issue and things look per-eeety stunted.
It happened at a pretty bad time too. True Lock, if you're reading this, IM me the next time both of us are online and we'll continue modding that Gorean Observer Tag into that technicolor titler you wanted.
Otherwise, excuse me. I have a beef stew that needs stewing while the grid is dead in the water. Beef, not Linden - although given this slip up, a lesser furry vore could be forgiven for indulging in that sort of fantasy.

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