30 July 2007

Why Prolonged grid issues are harmful...

[22:49] Patchouli Woollahra: for dinner tonight we'll be having fillet of gridbork served with gridbork sauce, with a side of gridbork salad. To warm your appetite up we will first have some soup: cream of gridbork. For dessert, gridborkcake.

[22:49] Patchouli Woollahra multiplies into a horde of SL Vikings and chants 'gridbork' repeatedly.

yeah, me noggin's taking a funny turn. losing IQ points on a visible scale, even.

[2:17pm, 31/07/07] - Things are looking up more and more. TPs still borking regularly, and item rezzing not working perfectly, but considering where we were earlier, it looks better.

Going to sit for a while longer, then go to sleep in the sun.

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