31 July 2007

The result of too many surnames in SL Episode #1

Until one or two years ago, Linden Lab used to retire lastnames when 150 people had gotten each of them. This was done on the basis of Malcolm Gladwell's socialogical writing "The Tipping Point". These days, you get about several thousand people sharing the same surname... and the results are startling. On a recent go through I found these people sharing my prims in Second Life:

  • Catherine Fitzpatrick (I have it on good faith that whoever took this name is Second Life is NOT the genuine article. And so you know - judge a person in Second Life by his or her actions, not by his or her name...)
  • CatherineAnn Fitzpatrick (EDIT: so Prokofy Neva registered this instead to play safe. Rationale: the horse may have bolted, but the pony hasn't... so shut the door already!)
  • Oysters Fitzpatrick (Erm... I thought that stuff with the bacon and cheese bake was Kirkpatrick?)
  • Paul Debevec (doesn't ring a bell? Think HDRI)
  • Paul Huldschinsky (1944 Academy Award Winner - Best Arts Direction - for the movie 'GasLight")
  • BaiOu Chemistry (Bio-chemistry. geddit? xD)
  • NoDetectable Paulse (No Detectable Pulse xD)
  • Vincent Price
  • Half Price, HeavilyDiscounted Price and RecommendedRetail Price
  • TheWorldOf Tomorrow
  • PennyPinching Miszer
  • Jonah Lomu
  • Camui Gackt
  • LetMeTellYouA Cooljoke
  • Natsume Aya
  • Ham Burger, Beef Burger, Chicken Burger, QuarterPounder Burger
  • Maccaron Charron (think 'batmanbox')
  • Judi Dench
  • Electric Eel, Moray Eel
  • EbbAnd Flow
  • RollingInTheA Lisle
here's a hint, not all of these names have been actually taken... which ones though? :D

[EDIT - clarified actual ownership of Catherine and CatherineAnn Fitzpatrick names in Second Life. Catherine is owned by some random person, CatherineAnn by Prokofy Neva. Apologies for the misunderstanding]


Prokofy Neva said...

No, you've messed up here, and not read what I said.

A griefer swiped my RL name, or a version of it, "Catherine Fitzpatrick" -- and is using it to spam cats at people and harass them. I warned LL of this development 2 days ago, in abuse reports, and then in concierge. No answer. No concern.

I made "CatherineAnn Fitzpatrick" which *is* me in order to keep that full version of my name from being griefed.

Prokofy Neva

Patchouli Woollahra said...

Duly noted. will correct. Apologies for fscking up.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Patchouli Woollahra said...

milf, I'm afraid I'm going to have to expunge your comment because it manages to contribute less than nothing to the discussion. Please step the hell out and don't ever darken my day again.

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