25 April 2007

Post #26: April Snapzilla Update

As usual, I persist in being a snap-happy Snapzilla fanatic. Like Torley Linden, only with more fur and blueberries.

Attached, find more insanity:

What does a Hungry Penguin eat?
Whatever it jolly damn well wants to eat! Updated: Editor's Choice Award! Yayzerama!

Year Of The Cat
I've been accused of taking my name and choice of main avatar from an old Al Stewart classic about a lovely girl who lives in a rural area in the Year Of The Cat. Now as poetic as if sounds, I'm afraid I have to disabuse you guys of that notion. It just popped into my head and this song never came by me until I was fishing in Simkast Cove and fell over on hearing the lyrics.

Knowledge Fruit Tree
More a symbol than an actual genuine purveyor of intellect, this sculpture is available on approved request via inworld IM. For those with prim shortages, a alternate arrangement is available - a fruit hat! (disclaimer: may contain matriculated worms)

Prism Durosport MP3 player
Shown actual size, this inworld MP3 'player' is a Moldovian POS no-tech item. Actually, it was a really big April Fools' joke. I mean, nobody would seriously consider doing something like this in Second Life for real right? (Sony Ericsson *cough* *hack* *wheeze*)

Luskwood Easter Bunnies!
Easter Sunday this year saw the hosting of a easter egg hunt in Luskwood... or at least it would have if there had been a properly working grid...
That didn't seem to stop Samara Nerd from getting a vendor cobbled together. over 5650 of these bunnies were released into the grid by 2am the following morning. For the most part, the day was mostly one long party in Luskwood consisting of record serverloads of visitors to Luskwood often dressed in their new Easter bunnies. These bunnies are no longer available folks - if you missed out, cross your fingers and hope for good furtune next year.

DarkDharma Daguerre's Halloween Haunted House
Neo-Realms Ride: classic Totoro scene
Emerce Shun and Emerce Tween - Two private islands consisting of showrooms for nothing but metaversal artists in Second Life. Any estate that has Totoro and a haunted house in place is either mainland gone out of control, or cool art. Firms such as Aimee Weber Studios, Rivers Run Red and Neo-Realms Entertainment make their homes in here...

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