25 February 2007

Post #20 - Quiet in DarkLife Sim

So the Navora sim was hacked today... to the tune of US$400 in losses.

The sim has become significantly quieter in the past few hours, as I carry out the motions of kicking undead ass.


I do hope it's not permanent

Patchyoulli Woolluhraa

[UPDATE: The sim has been reopened on a partial basis. In a way, the hack attack could be considered partially a sort of blessing: it has accelerated development of the new upgrade of Darklife 2, and given the developers a chance to clear out deadwood and find out exactly who their friends are. Entry into Navora is currently restricted to current players and carefully vetted friends and invitees on the offchance that further hacks into the system haven't been found yet. If you're a prior Darklife Player and wish to get back in the game, please send an in-world IM to your previous groupmates and/or the moderators for an invite.]

1 comment:

alvinloo said...

Yeah, I hope its all ok with Darklife. Its been awhile since I last visited there.

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