13 February 2007

Post #17: Friendlist Raid!

Well, I haven't posted as often as I promised myself I would, but I figure now would be a good time to do so.

The grid has been on the blink for at least the past 24 hours as I write this, with no apparent end in sight. While people are playing blame games and wringing their arms around like squids shouting about the implications of being asked to refrain from handling the assets, I raided my friendslist. Send a few hundred IMs, chattered like an idiot, hung around in Live Help helping out whenever the system wasn't making it impossible for Help Request to route stuff over. It's amazing how much you can still do when restricted to standing in one spot in a ghost avatar that you pulled on just before the worst hit... with no TP abilities.

It's something to consider in future when things go bad: not all your assets are on the asset server or the LindeX.

That will be all for this post...

(Update: things seem to be on the mend now. We shall see how long they stay up again before another issue like this happens again... Back to partying)

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