31 December 2010

Day 1 of 365: Welcome, Goodbye

The seconds tick into minutes, the minutes tick into hours, and the hours tick into days. How fast they come and how much faster they leave.

As I type this, 2010 leaves and 2011 arrives (finally). A year ago, I didn't have a Dollfie daughter, I didn't have a professional camera and I'd only gotten MRSA for once...

How things change.

A year ago, I didn't live and work in Bay City because property was overpriced and community development was undervalued.

A year ago, I was still a newb. Then I got old suddenly and channelled Baz Luhrmman through a refractory made of lots of prims...

A year ago, Leslie Nielsen was still alive. Now, not so much anymore. As I recall, he had a cocktail party at his funeral. God, if only I can have his chutzpah when it's my turn to go...

A year ago, the world seemed to be collapsing, especially for people with foreclosures in America, not all of them valid. Now, judges in at least one jusridiction are standing up for those with no wherewithal to voice their protest against invalid foreclosure and seizures...

A year ago, the waters of the Gulf were a byword for awesome. Now, a byword for British incompetence. Many many folks would like their lives back, thank you very much!

A year ago, Iran was ruled by a tyrant in a comfy chair. Now, that chair is sprouting barbs, and fires are now raging even more than they ever were at the height of a false election. Any moment now, Ahmadi?

A year ago, an Android was a futuristic construct with limbs. now, it's a mobile device without limbs... that somehow seems to go places.

A year ago, I'd never read the Qu'ran, and I ate pork with relish. Now, I despise it, and I read the Qu'ran... only to the extent that I respect its words even when they raise in me disagreement. I still drink, and I still eat pork, and I still lust after things of beauty and wonder, however much a sin it may be in any religion.

I had L$8365 at the beginning of the year, and five projects. Now, I still have the same amount, but all projects have vanished. But new ones are on the horizon, so I seem to be severely lacking in worry about this.

A year ago, mesh in SL was a distant futuristic thing. Now, it's just next door and about to knock on Agni. Any moment now (don't hold your breath)

I have changed.

I have remained the same.

This is Patchouli Woollahra, and for better and for worst, in this world, that world and the next world and hereafter, this is me... And this is my song.

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