02 November 2007

The Wronged Feral - Tiberious Neruda

In recent days, some of you may have seen video on Sky News of a 'paedophilia in SL' scandal. While childporn is one of the things I have had terminally serious issues about, I feel I have just as much in the way of issues with people who I call my friends being maligned.

His name is Tiberious Neruda, and he is a friend of mine.

The 'Truth' is A Lie.

Certain individuals who believe they have the license to lie as journalists have painted this tiger in army slacks as a childlover.

I have known Tiberious Neruda almost since my first days as a Agnian in November 2006. Like most residents he has his penchants, his flaws, even his fetishes. Those fetishes do not extend to humping little kids. He would not associate with builds or groups known to indulge in sexual ageplay, and he has no love of ageplay whatsoever.

He is a professional, and a good friend, however. He was providing security for a friend, and keeping a hands off approach to anything that went on. He had no reason to believe that the management was attempting in any way to provide sexual ageplay or child porn, and would have most likely abandoned his posting without due notice if this had indeed been the case.

Like most tigers however, he has a big bite when he is clearly wronged. I cannot imagine he would simply let this slide, and I don't imagine whoever did this will come out of this in one piece. Well, maybe he will.

I just don't think it will be the same-sized piece. That's the thing about big bites - they tend to make things smaller.

As a personal request, he has asked that I not disclose extra details of this matter beyond what I have noted so far to anyone else, pending further action, and I will respect that as a friend. The only three things I would ask are these:

  1. There are people who have known Tiberious Neruda for several years, in a world where one's personal foibles become all too well known pretty fast. (It must be something in the air in Agni or something.) Why was he not turned in earlier if sexual ageplay or child pornography was illegal in Second Life, as it always has been? or is there something that the journo has not revealed, because doing so would make a total mockery of what he intends to write?

  2. If you know Tiberious or have known Tiberious in his time in SL or RL, on a genuine personal, unmercenary basis, please show him your support in these trying times. That's what being a friend is all about.

  3. If this is eventually going to lead to where I think it is going, you can have anything else, but I want the head to mount on my wall.

I will not comment on this further until after the matter is resolved in a matter that is deemed satisfactory. It would not be... fair.


Abigail Merlin said...

Woolly, I'm an old friend of Tiberious.
Can you contact me in world regarding this?

Patchouli Woollahra said...

Certainly. But this would be contingent on me gaining access to a SL-capable terminal, which I won't have for at least a few more days.

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