19 August 2007

zomg Bioshock

Apparently, this is causing serious disruptions with Second Life beyond Linden Lab's control:

Bioshock Steam Preload

Under normal circumstances, I would question a claim like this for any other game...

Except for one problem here: Bioshock is System Shock with a new genetically engineered Art Deco flavor.

Bioshock has the world's best water since idiots tried to put infinite planes in Doom and call it water.

Bioshock has a seriously disturbed art design and direction. Even their idea of kawaii goes into the spooky.

Bioshock will do System Shock and unlike the previous two versions, it will be a major hit. I'm going to save you the continued blurb and let you google for it - it's been plastered all over the place repeatedly in recent weeks.

In short, I'm not normally keen on system disruptions... but if it's for dozens of people giving a good game the attention it genuinely deserves, I think I can live with it. Just this weekend.

Seriously, if you're running a modern, over-powered DX9.0+/10 rig and you're only using it for Second Life at the moment, you seriously owe it to yourself to go over and grab a copy even if you're not exactly a FPS junkie by default (the game has ways of playing through that deemphasise twitch if you look carefully enough, though one might question exactly what sort of sacrifices are required)

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