15 March 2007

Post #24: Snapzilla Review #1

Well, after 3+ months of being a Resident in Agni, I've had quite an extensive lot of memories in many different ways... keepsakes from inventory drop, Snapshots in Photo Album... and there's also Snapzilla. Attached find some classics that I just had to share with you guys...

13 March 2007

Post #23: Even Zombies Have Standards

Also: the newest Plywood webcomic by Moriash Moreau takes a spin on the common zombie cliches and asks... if a brainless couple show up, are they dinner, or empty plates?

As an aside, this comic was filmed in the Garage of DOOM, a zombie survival game set in a garage above The Gardens of Mo... Great fun for all, and the game is coded to be gentle to the sim Moriash set it in - it won't run if the sim's TD goes below 0.75, which is his way of being a good neighbour and not being accused of causing the problems that bring the sim to that point. More potentially lag-prone builds like these need to be coded this way - props to Mo on this one!

Post #22: More PlyWood hilarity

Now there's this common habit amongst SL Residents to mix two closely related things together. Regions and sims are NOT the same thing - a region may take up the entire resources of a sim, or a fraction of it - the sim is a physical unit crammed somewhere in San Francisco or Texas keeping part of the world up.
Agents and avatars are two different things as well. Your agent is your identity on SL, and your avatar is a 'physical' representation of that identity. To muddy the waters, even Linden Labs routinely blurs the lines between these two different things in communications.

Moriash Moreau documents an example of the further indignities that avatars in SL suffer from. Read. Laugh. Then treat your fellow avatars better in future!


Post #21: More Thievery in SL - An Open SL Letter

Sometime over the weekend, Simone Stern's account was hacked into and money to the tune of L$400,000 siphoned out. The money has apparently followed the usual route taken by so many illegally gained funds and has been presumably shifted all over the grid by the miscreant(s) in question.

I gather from what other residents have said that Simone is one of those people you hear about: the successful businesswoman who can sustain her RL avatar solely on the proceeds from her work in SL. She has also helped to raise funds for a fellow Resident inflicted with serious RL maladies in order to help her secure treatment (See "Ayeshe's Millions").

All in all, I gotta say this couldn't happen to a nicer lady, but the fact is, it could. :( There has been quite a recent spate of larceny on the grid to the tune of hundreds of RL dollars, in such places as Furnation, Darklife, AKK Ranch, and now Simone Stern.

I honestly have to ask the people who indulge in such acts of depravery:
just what the FUCKING hell sort of kick do you get out of it?

It's at times at this that I'm grateful that my RL avatar is a Augustinian on the matter of the human condition: people are innately bad and need lots of rules and rope to tie them down before they go out of control. Now I want to strongly disagree on this point, but when stuff like this happens... PEOPLE, you are not making easy for me to stand up for what I believe in in Agni.

That'll be all.

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